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Carol J Ecker

Apr 07, 1938 - Jul 11, 2020


Carol Jean Ecker, 82, born April 7, 1938 in Ravenscroft, TN, a longtime resident of Crescent City, FL and member of Beulah Baptist Church before she passed away Saturday, July 11, at 4:00 am at North Florida Regional Medical Center, after a long history of "serious heart problems" that she was ab...

Carol J Ecker

April 07, 1938 - July 11, 2020

K Kenny July 16, 2020

I am so sorry for your loss she the best mother law you could've asked for kenny

S STELLA VIERRA July 16, 2020

Stella Vierra & husband Roger
I am a writer on some part and I could easily write a book on this woman. She has so many Wonderful things that have left their mark on people's lives. We last got to talk just a few days before she became ill and had to go to the hospital. For years I saw things my mother would do and I didn't always understand why, then when Aunt Carol and I were talking the last time, I started laughing because we were talking about clowns, I don't know why but anyway, I had made the remark of I don't know why the movie industry has taken a childhood smile maker and made it horrifying to the point children and some adults are afraid of them. She laughed and said that's the problem, life is like a clown suit, people don't look deep into the character and find the good in it. I remember one-time mom told me to look beyond the fault of someone, Everybody has a good point, you just have to look for it and be patient while it shows up. I told Aunt Carol, "Now I know where mom got it from, ya all had the same teacher....., Grandma Whitehouse.. That's what I loved about her, No matter how wrong you were she would Love you just the same. She was Not one to dwell on your faults, but instead, she would point out your positives in your life and push you to work on them more. Though I am glad she no longer hurts, She is gonna be missed way, much more than one can predict. My husband and I will be together 48 yrs in Sept. and she told me since I have been together as long as I have with my man, I surely was blessed to get a man like my Uncle Jim who is the Portrait of Love and courage. She was so very proud of him and missing him and truly knew what God meant by Love in him...WE LOVE YOU AUNT CAROL SO VERY MUCH AND WILL MISS YOU.

C Connie pine July 16, 2020

What I will always remember about Carol Ecker ( my mother in law )
Is that any time I had any questions about heart related things or medications she always seemed to have had some kind of answer.
Being that she had heart trouble I knew she was pretty knowledgeable of those things . Also times I was very scared for my husband on his near death heart experiences she always told me
GOD IS one Who IS in control . No one wants to die but she told me that actually it's a win win situation .if he lives PRAISE the Lord.
If he passes then he is with God no more suffering. As we don't want to be without our loved ones being with the Lord is comforting to know. I remember she told me that and I won't never forget it .
I'll miss my time talking to her on the phone about everything
And anythng..She always had advice about something.
Will miss her but I knk w will see her again in God's time .

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