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Nicholas Christian Roggio

Feb 23, 1989 - Mar 25, 2021


His journey began on February 23, 1989 in Orlando Florida, but he stopped counting years at age 32.Nicholas was a father to Evan Roggio, a son to Nick and Honor Roggio, and an older brother to Amber Stoller, Sandra Roggio, and Gino Roggio.Nicholas kept those around him laughing and had a hear...

Nicholas Christian Roggio

February 23, 1989 - March 25, 2021

R Rachel Cook April 5, 2021


A chasm opened in my dreams,
So deep and wide I could faintly see,
My loved one on the other side, fading
Bones on fingers stretched out pleadingly.

Stumbling towards your vision, grieving
Threads of hope and peace
Sinking slowly to my knees, pleading
Gods to take these screams
Falling into space between us, bleeding
Endless tears that fail to heal
Waves of grief crash over, drowning
Newborn hopes that spring revealed

And yet glassy lakes lie still, beckoning
Those who dare to leap
Mountain peaks arise majestic, inspiring
Quiet feats of bravery
Alpine streams run unfettered, renewing
life in barren seeds
Eagles soar on thermals high, bearing
Witness to your humanity

Lazy rays heat red rock, warming
Plateaus of history
Desert winds waft gentle, breathing
Sweet songs of melody
Ancient ones laugh softly, cooing
Words of love and memories.
Images etched into stone, showing
Life exists eternally

And now you stand so gracefully,
With arms raised high and smile wide, proclaiming
I am resting peacefully
Across the great divide

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